I’d  like to share with you the story behind Blue Crayonz Inc. Because you are NOT alone in this Journey 

Blue Crayonz Inc” is a nonprofit organization (501c3) dedicated to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder receive community services. Founded in honor of my son Shawn Crayton. Being a parent of a child born with a disability truly changes your life. As soon as he was born, I instantly fell in love with him. He was happy, healthy and all I ever wanted. Mommies’ little brown eyed boy. As days turned into months I began to feel as if something wasn’t right. His first years came and went without him speaking a word.

In and out of doctors’ offices searching for answers as to why my son wasn’t able to speak? or do the things that other kids his age were doing. My sweet boy began to change. Growing angry out of frustration, he would cry, scream, hit, bite, and attack me. It was heart breaking to see him suffer and me not know what was wrong. Doctors would say he’s a late bloomer, but I knew otherwise. I found myself defending my son’s behavior, explaining to people that he truly couldn’t help himself. People would tell me he was a bad kid. That it must have been something I did wrong and that’s why he couldn’t speak and behaved so erratically. With that I began to shut down.

The years that followed were spent in isolation. Covering our home with labels and pictures in hopes that something would click and he’d speak to me. Then came elementary school, evaluations and our first IEP meeting. Looking back at it now I can say I wasn’t expecting to hear “Your son is MR” (now known as mentally challenged). I knew my son and knew he wasn’t. We communicated with our eyes and touch. I could see there was a fire inside him dying to be set free. So I refused the diagnoses and began our fight for his true diagnoses.

When at almost 6 years old, he spoke in the sweetest voice my little boy was finally free. I’d watch him, amazed at how hard he worked to do the things that come naturally to most. When we received the diagnoses of PDD-NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified on The Autism Spectrum). Finally able to put a name to his condition, we could finally breathe. I’m proud to say that despite his limitations he’s always pushed forward and now Shawn is being main streamed. Even taking ground schooling lessons in pursuit of getting his pilot’s license.

This journey led us to start up “Blue Crayonz Inc.” (Blue for his favorite color and crayonz for his nickname). Our mission is to help families like ours receive community services to help individual’s with ASD. Referral based we will go out and find social activities and programs to help them thrive. While building a support system for families, schools and a network where we can all come together to help one another through this journey. Encouraging their dreams as we grow as a family, The Blue Crayonz Inc. Family.


Veronica Banchs Proud ASD Mom and Advocate