Current Project

Blue Crayonz Inc. Is a non profit (501c3) organization dedicated to helping individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in receiving community services. We have been recently asked by a local school to help in the design of a sensory room. In the news recently there has been a rise in Autistic children being arrested due to the lack of education on how to handle these individuals during a meltdown. Our goal is to educate our community as well has highlight why these sensory rooms are important to have in all schools. Sensory rooms provide a therapeutic safe environment where a child can go during a melt down. So we’re reaching out to you. Our neighbors, friends, coworkers and fellow ASD families to help us in the design of this room. Please feel free to contact us to make a donation, donate services, volunteer or refer a friend. We thank you for all your support.


Veronica Banchs President of Blue Crayonz Inc.

How can you become a Blue Hero Today?

  • Volunteer
  • Refer someone for services
  • Donate Services
  • Become a Sponsor
  • Share your resources
  • Get educated on ASD
  • Stand up for those with ASD
  • Become someones support system

Contact us for more information