Below is a list of some of The Art of Autism’s most popular blogs. The Art of Autism is a collaborative of over 500 people on the autism spectrum around the globe and over 50 organizations that support autistic people reach their potential.

Autistic People, Parents and Therapists talk about the nonprofit Autism Speaks. Does the negative media messaging outweigh the awareness they spread? And do they take autism money out of local communities?

A physician Speaks about what other physicians can learn from the neurodiversity  movement. Treating patients with respect and not thinking of them as less than human is a start.

The Autism Unveiled Project is 90 blogs from Autistic people in their own words. They share their words, their art, their poetry, and their challenges.

Harriet, who is only 11 years old, writes a touching account about how her classmate Eleanor really isn’t included in her class – the problem with inclusion – counting everyone in the everyone category.

Lori Shayew from The Gifts of Autism talks about why we must shift our views on autism. People on the spectrum may be here to teach us.

The Value of Art Therapy for those on the Autism Spectrum.
Guest Post By: Debra Muzikar  From The Art Of Autism